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Since the early days of VBFA, our leadership has recognized that our clients’ satisfaction is vital to our success. That’s why we go out of our way to provide the best possible service and build mutual trust with the architects, contractors, and building owners with whom we work. We are deeply appreciative of their feedback, which allows us to continually improve our processes, communication, and design solutions. These partnerships are what help make our work rewarding, and we will continue to prioritize them as we strive for exceptionalism.

“VBFA was chosen for the job because of their reputation for excellent service and quality work. Throughout the project, from concept through construction documents and final punch, I was quite satisfied with our decision to work with VBFA.”

Florence Hawkinson

“I appreciate the engineering skills of Jeff Watkins and David Baranowski and their VBFA teams and their ability to provide constant and timely input to the design and construction team. Precision engineering expertise and systems were both critical to the success of our project and the team delivered.”

Russ L. BachmeierAIA

“One of the most remarkable features in the building (Syracuse High School) is the geothermal heating and cooling systems. This is one of the largest projects that has used the thermal mass of the earth to heat and cool the building. This is a very efficient system that results in significant energy savings.”

Dennis ForbushHogan and Associates

“VBFA was a very important team member, of a very successful design of one of the most uniquely designed theatres in the world…They helped to provide a constant “actor” in every play, which is the building and its systems that in so many ways participate in every production.”

Lyle BeecherAIA

“VBFA provided insightful, practical, creative, and responsible design to each of their disciplines from concept phases through construction documents, always in support of our architectural design objectives.”

Stephen Dayton

“I personally appreciate VBFA’s expertise and teamwork. For twenty-five years this team has been my first choice mechanical consultant, and they have continued to push the envelope of what is possible in mechanical systems design.”

Jeanne JacksonVCBO Architecture

“Jeff (Watkins) has always been a very technically sound and trained engineer and has been an amazing partner in helping us solve some very complicated projects and situations. His attention to detail and knowledge of our buildings and their systems is crucial to the success of treating thousands of patients safely and effectively.”

Jerry NorthU Health

“Jake (Beck) demonstrates skill levels in engineering, problem solving, and interpersonal relationships generally evident in engineers with many more years’ experience. We recently worked together on two Net Zero Energy fire stations for Salt Lake City. These award-winning fire stations are the first two Net Zero Energy fire stations in the United States, and we are proud of that accomplishment and thankful for Jake’s role in our success.”

Brian BackeAIA

“Jared (Smith) is an integral and invaluable component of the design/construction team. His ability to visualize and address complex mechanical issues/assessments/solutions in an expeditious manner has proven his capabilities beyond his years.”

Gary LukaszewskiHDR

“Lewis (Wong) can easily communicate to clients and is very knowledgeable about electrical engineering. He is always willing to brainstorm creative ways to meet budgets and schedules on projects. He is considerate of the client’s budget and works hard to make the project successful.”

Stacy HammUVU

“Scot (Muir) is knowledgeable, efficient, and trustworthy in his design and management of his mechanical engineering team. He has always met timeline schedules, been respectful of budget constraints while providing innovative mechanical designs and is an eager participant during value engineering or problem solving if needed.”

Mike VelaAIA

“Energy costs are monitored very closely by the Davis School District. Money saved in energy costs goes directly back into the classroom. At the same time, school buildings must be comfortable for student learning to be at its peak. Wade Bennion has been very successful balancing between comfort and energy efficiency. He is an integral team member with the District. Due to Wade’s leadership, the District regularly uses, with great success, several innovative HVAC systems such as, ground source heat pumps, thermal air displacement, and indirect evaporative cooling in many buildings.”

Bryan TurnerFAIA

“VBFCx took their responsibility as Owner’s Representative to heart. We were kept in the loop through the whole process and their persistent communication with the entire team is key to the success of the project today.”

Weston WeeksDavis School District

“You can and should choose a commissioning team based on evidence of performance, and I whole-heartedly recommend VBFCx. I’ve had the good fortune to work with them on projects with significant size, scope, and complexity, projects like Adobe Phase II and the Rehabilitation Hospital at the University of Utah, and their constant and proactive presence contributes to our success.”

Ron KellerOkland Construction

“The creation of a healing environment excels when there is an integrated team to push boundaries and challenge everyone to strive to do better. Since 2000 I have had the pleasure of collaborating with Jeff on nearly a dozen such healing environments in Utah. Jeff has proven to be an instrumental leader and collaborator in the creation of environments that reflect the community in which they serve and stand the test of time.”

Todd TierneyHDR

“For many years VBFA has been a vital part of Intermountain Healthcare’s design team. Their rich experience combined with an expert’s eye for engineering detail have helped deliver state-of-the-art healthcare facilities in the communities we serve throughout Utah. When challenges arise, as they inevitably do in large and complex projects, VBFA has been instrumental in helping us find and resolve the causes.”

John EllisIntermountain Health

“By forming strategic partnerships that add value to the design, we want to help provide a finished product that thrills our client and our client’s client.”

– Jed Lyman, Principal

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