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Comprehensive Fire Hazard Prevention Engineering

Fire Protection & Building Code Analysis

Our team of licensed fire protection engineers, designers, and plan reviewers have everything it takes to provide you with a fully protected building. We are proud to stand behind our work whether it be commercial, industrial, residential, or one of the many other unique projects we have experience with.

Fire protection engineering that satisfies local building codes regulations in Utah
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Fire Protection

How We Serve Your Fire Protection Needs

Does your MEP consultant or sprinkler designer consider what the combustible loading, heat release rate, or design fire scenario is for your project? Can they then relate that specific hazard directly to the designed discharge of suppressant, and designed movement of toxic combustion byproduct? Unlike many full-service engineering firms, VBFA has a team focused exclusively on fire protection system design and consultation. Our rare engineering expertise gives us a deeper understanding that goes beyond the written NFPA, FMG, and AIG standards and building codes, and into the science and engineering of fire and smoke movement as it exists within the built environment. Because of VBFA’s unique specialty, our consulting and design work takes us throughout the country and across the globe; wherever your next project is breaking ground, we can help.

Read on to learn more about what services our team of licensed fire protection engineers can offer you.

How VBFA Delivers Value in Fire Protection Services

Our unmatched experience, impressive team, and detailed execution are why so many discerning clients turn to VBFA for fire protection during the design and construction of their newest facility.

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State-Licensed Engineers

We guarantee quality in everything we do; all of our services are backed by one or more state-licensed fire protection engineers.

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Years of Experience

We’ve been delivering fire protection services in Utah and beyond for decades. Our large and diverse portfolio of work has given us a perspective and understanding few engineering firms hold.

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Wide Variety of Industries and Clients

From industrial manufacturing and storage, to healthcare, education, residential, and religious, we’ve engineered fire protection systems for specific facilities in exacting industries. We work to understand your project’s purpose, so our solution works intuitively with its design.

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A Fully Involved and Thorough Design Process

Our experienced engineers and designers know how to work alongside architecture and construction teams. We fully integrate our fire protection systems into architectural Revit models with building information modeling (BIM). Real-time modeling of systems through Revit and BIM360 brings cross-discipline clashes upfront during design, to eliminate costly changes during construction.

“We are often saddened and shocked by the devastation of uncontrolled fire spread through a built environment. Each day, my team and I envelop ourselves in the challenge of designing and coordinating fire protection systems, knowing that every single system adds an additional layer to reducing the risk of a costly fire and increases layers of life safety.”

– Sean Tingey, F.P.E., Licensed Fire Protection Engineer

Notable Projects

Explore some recent fire protection and building code analysis projects from our portfolio.



A Commitment to Sustainable Safety Solutions

When sustainable solutions are critical to your project, our engineers turn to the newest emerging fire protection technologies. Whether it’s implementing a low or no-water sprinkler system, using eco-friendly suppressants, or designing a 100-year+ corrosion-resistant pipe network, our solutions will reduce overall waste and don’t lead to additional harm to your facility or the environment.

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Our Fire Protection Services

Our capabilities are exhaustive when it comes to your fire protection needs. Our team offers comprehensive design and consulting services for facility owners, general contractors, sprinkler contractors, architects, and MEP design/engineering firms.

Fire protection system design

Fire Protection System Design

  • 3D BIM Coordination in Revit
  • Wet Pipe System
  • Dry Pipe System
  • Antifreeze System
  • Deluge System
  • Fire Pump Systems
  • Standpipe Systems
  • Single-Interlock Preaction
  • Double-Interlock Preaction
  • Non-Interlock Preaction
  • High Piled Storage including (ESFR, CMDA, CMSA, In-rack)
  • Special Hazard Systems (Including Water Cannons, Large Dry Pipe, Deep Freeze, Water-Mist, and High, Medium, and Low-Expansion Foam)
  • Clean Agent and Inert Gas Systems (including CO2, Novec 1230, Nitrogen Inerting, Inergen, Vortex, FM-200)
  • Fire-Flow Testing
  • Hydraulic and Seismic Calculations
  • Fabrication Drawings
  • Stock Lists
  • Material Submittals
  • System Tags
  • Dimensions and Notes For AHJ Review and Installers
Fire protection engineering consultation

Fire Protection Engineering Consultation

  • Preliminary Plan Set and Performance-Based Specifications
  • BIM 350 Level Fire Sprinkler System Design (In Congruence with MEP Design)
  • Fire Risk Assessment
  • Dust Hazard Analysis
  • Stairwell, Elevator, and Shaft Pressurization for High-Rise with CONTAM
  • Smoke Management System Design and Modeling with CONTAM Analysis
  • Forensic Investigations and Expert Witness
  • Engineering Water Supply Analysis
  • Third-Party Plan Review for AHJ, Municipalities, Design Firms, and Facility Owners

About VBFA

Engineering Excellence for Over 50 Years

Progress is a key part of our identity — especially when it comes to fire protection solutions. As technology, expectations, and building standards change, our engineers are one step ahead. Combining our years of fire protection engineering experience, VBFA helps you design a safer environment for the people and projects you bring together in your facility.

This commitment to safety and professionalism is what allows our team to step up and deliver impressive and unconventional projects other firms can’t. Thanks to the creativity and courage of our newest generation of engineering professionals, we are sustaining the hard-earned VBFA legacy as a prominent industry leader.

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Exceeding Your Expectations is What We Love to Do

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