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Efficient and Controlled Processes

Building Automation Systems & Controls Engineering

Building Automation Systems (BAS), also known as building management systems, allow a controller to operate, control, and access a series of connected buildings from a unified interface. Controls Engineering is a practice that uses sensors and detectors to measure the output of a controlled process.

VBFA is a team of full-service engineering professionals that has created reliable, long-lasting building management systems throughout Utah and Arizona. We stay on the cutting edge of technology to provide building automation systems that are sustainable, energy-efficient, and robust.

VBFA control engineer audits a building automation system in Utah - Controls engineering
controls engineering system monitors building automation systems

Controls Engineering

Automation & Controls Engineering Services in Utah and Arizona

VBFA has implemented control systems for dozens of organizations to help cut operation costs that come from unnecessary energy expenses. Features like virtual building and facility automation implementation work at a regional level to integrate your local building systems. Our work stands as a testament to itself across Utah and Arizona.

Why VBFA is the Trusted Controls Engineering Systems Expert

Our proven experience, highly-skilled team, and detailed execution are why so many discerning clients turn to VBFA for high-efficiency energy heating and cooling designs.

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Tailored Solutions

VBFA’s standard of excellence and integrity for control system engineering is unmatched. We create every project according to local building codes and regulations to save you headaches later. Our systems link seamlessly with HVAC, lighting, and security systems to help you automate functions like climate and lighting from a single source.

A proven track record of success

Components to Power Your Business

Your BAS will include an advanced virtual modeling build that will give you a bird’s-eye view of your properties. Cutting-edge controls help you stay on top of every aspect of your buildings’ heating, cooling, fire alarms, lighting, and more. Top-of-the-line sensors and actuators give you accurate readings so you can ensure all reporting is accurate and optimized.

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Benefits of Choosing Us

You’ll experience only the finest service and engineering from VBFA. Cost-effective maintenance strategies align with regional conditions to custom fit your needs. With VBFA, an enhanced user experience is a top priority, so you can feel peace of mind knowing your system is engineered to the highest possible standard.

“We’re in the business of making buildings smarter and life easier. It’s all about creating spaces that work better for everyone. We’re not just tweaking dials; we’re setting the standard for sustainable, efficient buildings. Every system we put out there is our way of making a real difference, one building at a time.”

– Darryl Wiggins

Notable Projects

Explore some recent Controls Engineering projects from our engineering portfolio.



Future-Ready Solutions

Look to the future with a system built to last. Take advantage of IoT integration, AI, and edge computing to monitor and generate results quickly. Advances in wireless technology allow for greater efficiency in regional connectivity, letting you control and automate your building’s functions from a distance.

Controls engineer oversees building automation system engineering project
business information modeling (BIM) | Utah Engineering Firm in Salt Lake City | VBFA

About VBFA

Engineering Excellence for More Than 50 Years

Our years of experience and proven track record are invaluable when it comes to the success of your project — especially when your facility involves alternative solutions that require specialized engineering expertise.

VBFA’s ongoing commitment to progress and professionalism is what allows our team to step up and deliver impressive and unconventional projects other firms can’t. Thanks to the creativity and courage of our newest generation of engineering professionals, we are sustaining the hard-earned VBFA reputation as a prominent industry leader.

What Our Clients Have to Say

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are engineering controls?

Engineering controls are precautionary measures taken to protect workers from hazardous conditions. Some common examples of engineering controls are railings to protect workers from falls or ventilation systems used to blow out harmful airborne particles.

What is a controls engineer?

Also known as control systems engineers, controls engineers maintain an environment where a company or organization can produce quality products at maximum efficiency. The controls engineer monitors the systems that manufacture products and makes sure they’re running at peak performance.

What are control systems?

Control systems are a set of mechanical or electronic devices that use control loops as a way of regulating functions. These are often used to automate processes to make functions faster and more efficient. Common forms of control systems include open loops and closed loops.

What is control engineering?

Control engineering is manufacturing control systems to function in a way that performs a task within a controlled environment. Control engineering is common practice in much of today’s technology.

What is a building automation system?

Building Automation Systems (BAS) unify a building or group of buildings’ HVAC, lighting, fire alarms, security, or other system in one central unit. This allows a user to control all these entities simultaneously from one device, sometimes even remotely. These are also known as building management systems.

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