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Mechanical Engineering

Forward-Thinking Mechanical Engineering Solutions for Every Industry

Mechanical engineering is at the heart of VBFA’s past and present. With a focus on cost-consciousness, innovation, and reliability, our team provides cutting-edge concepts — for leading brands across the country — that come to life through powerful mechanical solutions.

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Engineering excellence

Utah’s Top Mechanical Engineering Firm

Purpose-Driven Mechanical Engineering Solutions, Since 1972

We first started as a mechanical engineering firm more than 50 years ago. While much has changed, our focus on developing innovative mechanical system solutions has not. The critical systems that power your facility, whether it’s a comprehensive HVAC system, specialized medical gas system for a hospital, or air quality control for a laboratory, are unique challenges our engineers excel in solving. As one of Utah’s largest and most accomplished mechanical engineering teams, VBFA’s licensed engineers guarantee purpose-driven mechanical solutions that deliver efficiency and lasting performance for your next project.

Read on to learn more about the many solutions our team offers within the discipline of mechanical engineering.

What Makes VBFA an Industry Leader in Mechanical Engineering

Architectural firms and owners turn to VBFA’s expert mechanical engineers to help create the critical infrastructure of cutting-edge facilities on time and on budget. Here’s why VBFA’s legacy continues to position us as a leader in mechanical engineering:

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Extensive Service Area

Licensed across the United States and in several international regions, our expertise goes wherever your project takes us.

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Our commitment to innovation runs deep. HVAC Solution, a system building software for HVAC design, was first developed in-house here at VBFA. Many of our engineers learn custom development skills to further enhance and customize our modeling software, helping us push what’s possible with the leading industry tools.

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Collaborative Approach

When partnering with architecture and construction firms, we lead with curiosity, asking questions to better understand the design and purpose of the project. We then apply that same open line of communication to our internal process. Not only does it help us explore and test all possibilities in order to achieve the best solution, but it allows us to maintain the highest level of quality control across our own team as the project progresses.

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Commitment to Excellence

The majority of engineers at VBFA have their Professional Engineer (PE) license — a time-intensive process that requires on-the-job training requirements, formal testing, and ongoing competency assessments. Our commitment to ensuring excellence in our industry ultimately benefits our clients with superior work and a guarantee of the latest best practices.

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Energy Efficiency

As our clients become increasingly invested in incorporating highly efficient systems into their projects, so have we. Our engineers understand that designing energy-efficient buildings can not only help reduce operational costs for building owners but also contribute to a healthier environment. We strive to incorporate the latest technologies and techniques into our designs to maximize efficiency and positive impact.

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Proven Experience

Our firm has built a portfolio of mechanical engineering work for more than 50 years. In addition, our team includes senior engineers and project managers who hold decades of experience. If proven experience is critical to your project, VBFA’s track record is hard to beat.

Our Reach Keeps Growing

VBFA’s Utah-based mechanical engineering team has worked in nearly every state in the USA. And, because of our international work, we also carry licensure in several other countries. No matter where your project takes you, we make sure the necessary codes and regulations in your area are being met or exceeded.























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North Dakota



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“We appreciate being on the forefront of engineering, where we push our limits and explore design possibilities for mechanical systems in order to build a better tomorrow.”

– Don Bradshaw, Principal/CIO

Mechanical Engineering Projects

Explore some recent projects from our mechanical engineering portfolio.



How We Achieve Sustainable Engineering Solutions

Because we call one of the country’s most beautiful and environmentally diverse states “home,” we value projects where we can develop sustainable solutions. Through a variety of applications, we contribute to advancements in engineering technology that are critical to building a greener, brighter future in Utah and the world. Our firm is committed to matching our clients’ passion for sustainability — whether it’s increasing the social and economic impact of a project or minimizing its long-term environmental impact. Project by project, the forward-thinking engineers at VBFA are building a brighter future while leading the way for others to do the same.

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Mechanical Engineering Services

Our mechanical engineers meet every design challenge with thoughtful expertise and innovative solutions. Offering mechanical engineering services to handle even the most complex mechanical systems, including:

  • HVAC (including packaged rooftops, indoor air handlers, (CV) VAV)
  • Medical Gas
  • Central Plants
  • Plumbing
  • Sanitary Systems
  • Clean Rooms
  • Water Systems
  • Steam Systems
  • Value Engineering
  • Energy Modeling
  • Air Quality
  • Storm Drainage and Automatic Temperature Control
  • Energy Systems:
    • Positive displacement air systems
    • Cogeneration systems
    • Passive and active solar designs
    • 3-stage evaporative cooling systems
    • Ground-source heat pump systems/geothermal
    • Energy conservation systems
    • Ammonia refrigeration systems

About VBFA

Engineering Excellence for More Than 50 Years

Our years of experience and proven track record are invaluable when it comes to the success of your project — especially when your facility involves alternative solutions that require specialized engineering expertise.

VBFA’s ongoing commitment to progress and professionalism is what allows our team to step up and deliver impressive and unconventional projects other firms can’t. Thanks to the creativity and courage of our newest generation of engineering professionals, we are sustaining the hard-earned VBFA reputation as a prominent industry leader.

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Exceeding Your Expectations is What We Love to Do

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