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Engineering Services

VBFA’s full-service engineering team is here to help with your next project. View our areas of expertise below, and when you’re ready to get started, reach out to our team.

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Ten Areas of Expertise, One Dedicated Team


With versatile skills and diverse specialties, our mechanical engineers offer solutions for HVAC and plumbing systems, energy efficiency, indoor air quality, and more.


Experts in electrical equipment and design, our electrical engineers solve complex problems in power systems, telecommunications, utility coordination, and much more.


We develop comprehensive lighting solutions that enhance architectural design and employ the latest technology for superior innovation and efficiency.


Our civil engineering team is experienced in creating the infrastructure – like flood control, road design, and earthwork – to support new municipal or private projects throughout the West.


We'll handle quality control for your project by ensuring the design and construction meet critical engineering standards for safety and performance.

Fire Protection

Our highly-specialized fire safety engineering team designs solutions to reduce the risk of fire, while helping to analyze and reduce fire-related risk with your current structure.

GeoExchange Systems

VBFA is one of the few engineering firms with extensive experience in these innovative HVAC systems, allowing us to introduce greater efficiency and lower maintenance to your project.


To implement and manage large-scale refrigeration systems the right way, you need effective engineering solutions built on years of experience. Our team understands design requirements inside and out, from evaporators to cooling towers.

BIM Solutions

Our ability to use Revit effectively saves time and money for our clients by solving problems early in the design phase, resulting in a substantial decrease in RFIs and change orders.

Energy Modeling

For upgrades to existing buildings or new construction, our early energy analysis can help you understand, edit, and improve the long-term energy implications of your design.

“We strive for the same standard in all our projects. While some consider sustainable design a new trend, we have always considered it good engineering.”

– Spencer Howell, Principal


Sustainable Solutions for Every Service

Our engineers challenge themselves to pursue more than simply an effective solution. We gauge the true success of a project on its ability to deliver energy efficiency and an environmentally conscious design. Our sustainable focus not only benefits your organization for years to come, but helps us engineer a brighter future for all.

Electrical design sustainability

How Can We Help?

Looking ahead to your next project? Make sure you have the right engineering team in place. Contact us today to see how VBFA can help bring your vision to life.