The Provo City Center Tabernacle was renovated to be a LDS temple after a fire in 2010. The old tabernacle lacked a decent fire protection system, including automatic sprinklers and notification system. VBFA provided the mechanical, electrical, and plumbing engineering services as well as fire protection systems. The temple has four levels, two above ground and two below. The building features the original brick exterior, four towers at each corner of the building surrounding a central tower, and stained glass windows in the same style as the old pioneer building.


Built on 15 acres in northeast Rome, the temple is a three-story concrete structure that features:

  • A full basement
  • 15 apartments
  • 22 four bed sleeping dormitories and eating accommodations for temple workers and travelers
  • A two-story visitor’s center with a museum and genealogy research center
  • A chapel for Sunday worship services

VBFA provided the mechanical and plumbing engineering services for this temple. A central heating and cooling plant in the basement serves all four buildings. The thermal performance of walls, roofs and windows were enhanced to ensure energy reduction. Solar panels were utilized for water heating systems.


The Gilbert Temple is the 142nd temple world-wide for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (LDS). The five-level, 85,000 sq. ft. temple is 82.5 ft. tall with a 195 ft. spire. The temple finishes are of the highest quality and include marble floors, staircases and stained glass windows featuring the Agave plant. We provided complete mechanical and plumbing engineering design for this temple that includes a sub-basement for the mechanical equipment; office space and administrative areas, waiting / dressing rooms, baptism areas and a child care center.


VBFA served as the Prime for this LDS temple project located in Accra, Ghana. Challenges include an extremely harsh climate with high humidity, high temperature, marine climate and harmattan (a dry, dusty easterly / northeasterly wind on the West African coast). Due to this harsh environment, mechanical systems can break down within years and also with the lack of in-country expertise to repair and maintain these systems adds to the challenges of this project.

We served as the Prime and provided the engineering design to replace and upgrade the air cooled chillers in the temple, office area and the ancillary buildings, as well as installing dedicated outside air handlers for filtration. The mechanic system in the ancillary building was completely removed and replaced with a chilled water fan coiled system.


The Draper Temple is a worship facility owned by the LDS Church. Its spires reach as high as 166 feet topped with a gold leaf statue of an angel. The interior of the temple features hand painted murals, intricately designed stained glass, and Utah’s state flower: the Sego Lily. VBFA provided the mechanical engineering services needed for this worship facility, which includes a white granite exterior, and a joint parking lot and meeting house.