Unified State Lab Module 2

Salt Lake City, UT


State of Utah DFCM


90,000 sq. ft.



Services Provided


The Unified State Lab Module 2 project in Utah is a strategic initiative aimed at expanding the state’s laboratory capabilities to support public health, environmental quality, and agricultural testing services. This project builds upon the success of the initial Unified State Lab facility, incorporating cutting-edge technologies and design elements to create a highly efficient, flexible, and resilient laboratory space.

Key Features of the Unified State Lab Module 2 Project:

Architectural Design: The Unified State Lab Module 2 building showcases a modern and innovative design that supports a wide range of laboratory functions, including research and development, diagnostics, and analytical services. The design prioritizes safety, efficiency, and adaptability, allowing the facility to accommodate evolving laboratory needs and emerging scientific advancements.

Flexible Laboratory Spaces: The facility is equipped with modular and adaptable laboratory spaces that can be easily reconfigured to meet the changing demands of various scientific disciplines. This flexibility ensures the facility remains relevant and responsive to the state’s diverse testing and research requirements.

Advanced Safety Features: The Unified State Lab Module 2 incorporates advanced safety features, such as state-of-the-art ventilation systems, chemical-resistant surfaces, and emergency response infrastructure. These safety measures ensure the well-being of laboratory personnel and minimize the risk of accidents and contamination.

Energy Efficiency: The project emphasizes energy efficiency, incorporating high-performance building materials and systems to minimize energy consumption and reduce operational costs. The facility is designed with advanced lighting, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems, which contribute to overall energy savings and provide a comfortable working environment for staff.

Collaboration and Training Spaces: The Unified State Lab Module 2 project includes dedicated spaces for collaboration, training, and continuing education. These spaces facilitate knowledge sharing, interdisciplinary cooperation, and ongoing professional development for laboratory personnel.

Scalability and Resilience: The project’s design takes into account the potential need for future expansion and the ability to withstand various environmental and operational challenges. The facility is designed to be easily scalable, allowing for additional modules or capacity increases as needed. Furthermore, the building is constructed to be resilient, ensuring its long-term functionality and dependability.

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