Phoenix Formulations Building 465 Production Area Expansion

Tempe, AZ


Phoenix Formulations


87,000 sq. ft. (production area)

Services Provided

Mechanical, Plumbing, Electrical

Manufacturing requires precise, specialized equipment in all aspects of operations. As a manufacturer of consumable nutrition products, Phoenix Formulations needed to ensure their facility continued to operate at the highest level of efficiency to achieve production requirements. The Phoenix Formulations manufacturing plant specializes in a diverse market of nutrition from multivitamins, powders, capsule / tablets, nutritional gels and soft gel tablets, beverages, and liquids, concentrated vitamin products, and cosmetic / skin care products. Their team heavily incorporates comprehensive research and development to provide the highest quality products. The emphasis on quality is apparent in the numerous industry certifications, including maintaining product standards to abide by Halal, Kosher, ICMAD, and an ISO Certified Lab.

VBFA provided the engineering expertise for this project that included dispensing rooms, blending rooms, compression rooms, washrooms, office areas, warehouse, gowning, and general facility support rooms. The expansion incorporated mechanical systems much like those that served the original production areas. The all-new HVAC equipment was a combination of packaged DX-cooling air handlers and chilled water units. Dust collection was provided via a combination of individual room units and a larger combined exterior system that serves the larger spaces. The package also featured a new utility yard, which VBFA equipped with new chilled water and make-up air systems. A natural gas supply line was designed and coordinated with the local utility service. A building-wide ATC control system was expanded to serve the new areas. Finally, VBFA provided the domestic hot water as well as a new electrical service to the expanded facility.

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