Macro Technology Works (MTW) Building Assessment & HVAC Upgrades Phase I

Tempe, AZ


Arizona State University


205,000 sq. ft.


2024 (Phase I)

Services Provided

Mechanical, Plumbing, Electrical

In 2022, the CHIPS and Science and Technology Act was passed. Congressional approval of this Act delivers $52 billion in funding for commercial development of microchips in the United States, which ASU will be heavily involved.  The MTW Building is a critical facility to ASU in achieving their semi-conductor research and development goals. The facility operates as both a lab/fab which is unique to microchip research and development.

Currently, VBFA is providing their engineering expertise for a variety of tasks located in this multiple tenant research facility on the Research Park campus. The initial project scope includes design and installation of an acid scrubber, acid exhaust ductwork, and design review and installation of make-up air handlers MAU-5a and MAU-7 (construction only). The additional make-up air handlers were needed to support the increased exhaust air volumes associated with facility cleanrooms. Additional engineering services associated with these building upgrades and modifications to mechanical systems include mechanical piping, plumbing, ductwork, and electrical power.  The design includes coordinated phased demolition and new plans. Extensive time was spent during the design to verify existing mechanical, plumbing and electrical system conditions at the facility.

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