Gardner Transformation Center

Murray, UT


Intermountain Health


120,000 sq. ft.


October 2018



Services Provided

Mechanical, Plumbing

The Kem C. Gardner Transformation Center at Intermountain Healthcare is a groundbreaking facility dedicated to advancing healthcare innovation, research, and education. The center aims to bring together multidisciplinary teams of healthcare professionals, researchers, and educators to develop and implement cutting-edge solutions that address the challenges facing the healthcare industry. By fostering collaboration and leveraging state-of-the-art resources, the Transformation Center will contribute to the improvement of patient care, clinical outcomes, and overall community health.

Key Features:
Innovation Hub: The center houses a dedicated innovation hub that supports the development and implementation of novel healthcare technologies, processes, and services. This space serves as a testing ground for new ideas and facilitate collaboration between healthcare professionals, researchers, and industry partners.

Research Facilities: The Transformation Center features advanced research facilities and laboratories, enabling multidisciplinary teams to conduct pioneering studies in areas such as precision medicine, telehealth, and healthcare informatics.

Education and Training Center: The facility includes state-of-the-art education and training spaces for healthcare professionals to engage in continuing education, professional development, and certification programs. These spaces incorporate simulation labs, classrooms, and conference areas to support diverse learning needs.

Patient Experience Labs: The center contains patient experience labs, designed to develop and test new strategies for enhancing patient satisfaction, engagement, and outcomes.

Community Health and Wellness Resources: The Transformation Center offers resources and programs that promote health and wellness in the local community, such as preventive care initiatives, educational workshops, and support groups.
The Kem C. Gardner Transformation Center at Intermountain Healthcare represents a significant investment in the future of healthcare. By fostering innovation, research, and education, the center will contribute to the development of transformative solutions that improve patient care, enhance clinical outcomes, and promote overall community health.

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