Davis County Jail Medical Observation Unit

Farmington, UT


Archiplex Group


July 2022

Services Provided

Mechanical, Plumbing

The recently completed Davis County Jail Medical Observation Unit is a specialized facility designed to provide enhanced medical and mental health care for inmates within the jail complex. This state-of-the-art unit was developed to address the growing need for comprehensive healthcare services within the correctional system, prioritizing the well-being and safety of both inmates and staff.

Key Features:

Medical Observation and Treatment: The unit is equipped with modern medical observation rooms, treatment spaces, and isolation areas to monitor and care for inmates with various medical and mental health needs.

Mental Health Care: The facility includes dedicated spaces for mental health assessments, therapy, and counseling, ensuring inmates have access to appropriate care and support for their mental well-being.

Security and Safety: The Medical Observation Unit is designed with advanced security measures, including secure entry points, surveillance systems, and controlled access areas, ensuring the safety of inmates, medical staff, and correctional officers.

Staff Facilities: The unit features comfortable workspaces, break rooms, and administrative areas for healthcare professionals and correctional staff, promoting a collaborative and efficient work environment.

Patient-Centered Design: The facility incorporates elements of patient-centered design, such as natural light, calming colors, and privacy features, to create a more therapeutic and healing environment for inmates.

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