21st Century Building 443 Production Area Expansion & Warehouse

Tempe, AZ


21st Century Healthcare


19,000 sq. ft. (production area); 120,400 sq. ft. (warehouse storage)

Services Provided

Mechanical, Plumbing, Electrical

21st Century Healthcare is a leading wellness products manufacturer based in Tempe, Arizona. The product line from 21st Century offers a wide range of health supplements which include a wide assortment of vitamins, products for child health and development, in addition to sleep aids and probiotics. There are more than 500 wellness supplements manufactured at this facility, which are required to adhere to stringent FDA guidelines to reach the market with the guarantee of being 100% safe and effective. As a production facility with an expansive array of available supplements, the effectiveness of their technology and mechanical, plumbing, and electrical systems are crucial.

VBFA engineers and all stakeholders collaborated throughout the design process to ensure important regulations and practices would continue in this high-volume manufacturing plant throughout the project.  The warehouse / storage area included production rooms, gowning, air lock vestibules, restrooms, locker rooms, breakroom, and multiple offices and meeting spaces. The build-out areas were in the existing warehouse building. The mechanical system was designed to provide and maintain space conditions of 70 deg F and 50% RH within the production bays. A dust collection system was provided via a combined exterior system that serves the all-new spaces.

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