VBFA served as the Prime for this LDS temple project located in Accra, Ghana. Challenges include an extremely harsh climate with high humidity, high temperature, marine climate and harmattan (a dry, dusty easterly / northeasterly wind on the West African coast). Due to this harsh environment, mechanical systems can break down within years and also with the lack of in-country expertise to repair and maintain these systems adds to the challenges of this project.

We served as the Prime and provided the engineering design to replace and upgrade the air cooled chillers in the temple, office area and the ancillary buildings, as well as installing dedicated outside air handlers for filtration. The mechanic system in the ancillary building was completely removed and replaced with a chilled water fan coiled system.


The Target Financial projects include Building B Cooling Tower Replacement, LED Parking Garage Lighting, IT Room Metering Buildings A & B, Interior Remodel – Buildings A & B, EPO Switch – Buildings A & B, Building A Cooling Tower Replacement and Energy Analysis. We served as the Engineer of Record for these projects. The Cooling Tower projects are the only design projects to have been reviewed by the City of Tempe and have received their permits without comments from the plan review staff.

Many of the associated projects required systems remain operational during all phases of construction. The Cooling Tower Replacement needed to have 3 methods of redundancy at all times. In order to accomplish this task the original tower was kept in place and operational until the new one was installed. A temporary chiller was kept on-site in case of power failure along with multiple electrical feeds, a temporary backup generator and UPS power.