Mechanical engineering services for the 300,000 square foot doTERRA Worldwide Campus were provided by VBFA. This state-of-the-art campus includes corporate, manufacturing, distribution and customer service spaces, as well as a call center, an essential oil manufacturing facility and quality control laboratories.


The new 306,000 square-foot facility serves as an automated distribution center, and will consolidate Intermountain Healthcare’s disbursement of medical supplies and products into one location. IMAT significantly streamlines and improves Intermountain Healthcare’s distribution processes to its 23 hospitals and 165 clinics throughout Utah and southeastern Idaho.

The IMAT warehouse and distribution center itself brings an incredible amount of capabilities previously unseen. About 6000 critical items are stocked there and the warehouse fulfills 98.6% of orders with 99% accuracy.

Additionally, product shelf life has been extended, there is new ability to take advantage of bulk buys, and product waste has diminished since it is no longer necessary to order in case quantities. These capabilities make Intermountain extremely prepared for an emergency or disaster as well as creating a better experience for our patients by having the supplies necessary.

The Logan Justice Complex consists of secure police offices, quiet interview rooms, investigation areas and a 911 Dispatch Center. The Dispatch Center is equipped with standalone HVAC equipment for night-time use and may also be served by the central air-handling system for redundancy purposes.

VBFA provided the mechanical, plumbing, fire protection, energy modeling and commissioning services for this complex. Environmental and Sustainable Features: The building attained 4 optimized energy points by utilizing various energy saving strategies. The air tunnels were oversized to reduce fan energy. 90% efficient condensing boilers provide the building’s heat. Two stages of cooling were utilized to reduce air-conditioning run hours and the building’s potable water was also reduced by over 30%.


Bishop’s Central Storehouse is a state-of-the-art storage facility that allows the LDS Church to serve the needs of people facing economic challenges. VBFA provided mechanical engineering services for this facility that includes warehouse, a transportation center and vehicle maintenance, office space, tire storage, a fire pump house, and more than 60,000 sq. ft. of freezer/cold dock space. Mechanical, plumbing and fire protection systems were designed to withstand a maximum-scale earthquake, and the entire facility could be up and running within an hour of an earthquake and could be fully self-sustainable for seven days.