L.S. Skaggs Pharmacy Research Building

Salt Lake City, UT


University of Utah


150,000 sq. ft.





Services Provided

Mechanical, LEED/Net Zero

The L.S. Skaggs Pharmacy Research building is a state-of-the-art facility dedicated to pharmaceutical research and education. Located at the University of Utah, this modern building houses cutting-edge laboratories, classrooms, and collaborative spaces designed to foster innovation and excellence in pharmacy research. The facility serves as a hub for interdisciplinary collaboration, bringing together students, faculty, and researchers from various fields to advance the development of new pharmaceutical therapies and improve patient care. The L.S. Skaggs Pharmacy Research building stands as a testament to the university’s commitment to advancing scientific discovery and shaping the future of healthcare.

The mechanical designs provided by VBFA for the L.S. Skaggs Pharmacy Research Building included many innovative and unique engineering solutions to address the unique needs of a teaching and research lab that was meant to be a show piece at the gateway to the University’s Health Sciences Corridor. The design includes numerous energy saving strategies.

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