Rose Wagner Performing Arts Center

Salt Lake City, UT


Prescott Muir
Eaton Mahoney Architects
Salt Lake County Center for the Arts


September 2000

Services Provided

Mechanical, Civil

VBFA was responsible for the mechanical and civil engineering for this convention facility, which includes an exhibit hall, grand ballroom, and meeting rooms. A new central chilled water plant, consisting of two 1000-ton chillers and a 450-ton chiller, was designed to provide the needs of the new building plus tie into the existing facility. The original 850-ton chiller in the addition was moved to the new chiller plant.

A new boiler plant, consisting of two 600 hp high-pressure steam boilers, was added to meet the needs of the new building, the addition, and Phase II of the expansion. The high-pressure steam, chilled water, hot water, gas piping, and other utilities were installed in new utility tunnels that extend more than 1,000 ft. to the existing building and other portions of the expansion, which covers 30 acres of downtown Salt Lake City.

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