Hillcrest High School Replacement

Midvale, UT


Canyons School District


August 2021

Services Provided

Mechanical, Plumbing, Fire Protection

The Hillcrest High School Replacement project in Midvale, Utah, was a comprehensive initiative aimed at constructing a new, state-of-the-art educational facility to replace the outdated Hillcrest High School. Completed in 2021, the new school building was designed to cater to the increasing student population and provide a secure, comfortable, and eco-friendly learning environment for students and staff alike. The project integrated advanced architectural design, mechanical systems, and sustainable technologies to create a modern educational facility for the community.

Key Features of the Hillcrest High School Replacement:

Architectural Design: The new Hillcrest High School building incorporates a modern and innovative design that supports adaptable learning spaces, teamwork areas, and advanced technology infrastructure. Emphasizing natural light and energy-efficient materials, the design fosters an enhanced indoor environment for its occupants.

Mechanical Systems: The Hillcrest High School Replacement project featured the installation of cutting-edge mechanical systems to ensure exceptional performance, energy efficiency, and occupant comfort.

Fire Protection Systems: The high school consists of multiple buildings and zones requiring fire protection systems, these systems include pumped systems and standpipe system.

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