Caris Life Sciences Research and Development Lab

Phoenix, AZ


Caris Life Sciences


320,000+ sq. ft.



Services Provided

Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing

The newly installed Central Plant was built to accommodate a 41,150-sq.-ft. Lab/Corporate Office Build-Out for Caris Life Sciences. The HVAC mechanical systems design is based on a primary variable volume chilled water system for cooling, and dual gas-fired boilers for heating. The chilled water side consists of (1) 293-ton chiller, (1) factory assembled 1-cell 927 GPM Cooling Tower with appropriate primary & condenser pumps. Heating side consists of (2) 120 GPM Power-Fin Water Tube Boilers & associated primary and recirculation pumps. The boilers also feed two water-to-water heat exchangers, which provide domestic hot water and industrial hot water for the facility. Central Plant also houses a domestic water booster pump & Triplex water softener system for the building. In addition to the installed, appropriate planning for future expansion/future equipment was put in place.

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