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Van Boerum & Frank Associates, Inc.

We set ourselves apart with innovative, award-winning designs and a commitment to our clients and achieving their goals.

consulting engineering firm

Intermountain Contractor
March 28th, 1983

A Passion for Engineering
A Commitment to Making a Difference

In the beginning

Howard Van Boerum developed a passion for drawing at a very young age and spent hours drawing perspectives of homes in his neighborhood. This talent led him to landing his first professional job as a draftsman at a civil engineering firm. For the next decade Howard honed his skills, earning his P.E. in 1967. In April 1972, he officially opened the doors of Van Boerum Associates Inc. in Salt Lake City with a staff of three and a focus on mechanical engineering.

In September 1972, Howard hired his first full-time engineer, John D. Frank, an engineering graduate from the University of Utah. John had worked for his father’s sheet metal company and was adept with HVAC ductwork and systems. John became a partner in the firm after earning his P.E. license in 1976. The firm changed its name to Van Boerum & Frank Associates, Inc. - since shortened to VBFA.


We are recognized as one of the preeminent consulting engineering firms in the Intermountain West providing mechanical, electrical, plumbing, fire protection and civil engineering services. We have grown to 18 principals and more than 100 employees located in 4 regional offices in Utah and Arizona with headquarters in Salt Lake City, Utah.

We began developing new market sectors that coincided with the energy crisis in the mid-70s, and initiated an energy conservation program that saved public municipalities and private businesses significant money in regards to energy savings. We remain committed to pursuing new and innovative technology driven markets including the design of LEED Certified and Net Zero projects and the firm’s entrance into the coal-gasification industry. Other key ‘technology sectors” include hospitals, cogeneration, research laboratories and Olympic facilities.

Our willingness to take on projects from the most challenging to the basic has become the hallmark of our firm. A commitment to “making a difference” with our diverse projects and clients, and our constant exploration into new methods in efficiency and diversification explains the longevity of our firm. By fostering a culture of learning, open communication and growth, and by looking “outside of the box” and displaying a willingness to take the extra steps to arrive at the best possible solution has positioned VBFA at the top of our industry.

“Stick to proven successful business philosophies. Don’t be afraid to accept new, challenging projects. Embrace new technologies. Have fun!” – Howard Van Boerum  


Kim P. HarrisP.E., President, CEO, Mechanical Engineer [+]
Richard G. ReederP.E., Mechanical Engineer [+]
Ben DavisP.E., Mechanical Engineer [+]
Jeff WatkinsP.E., Vice President, COO, Mechanical Engineer [+]
Byron TorgersenP.E., Principal, Dir. of Arizona Operations, Mechanical Engineer [+]
David Baranowski P.E., Corporate Secretary, Civil Engineer [+]
Wade BennionP.E., Chairman of the Board, Principal, LEED AP, Mechanical Engineer [+]
Ladd BirchP.E., Assistant CIO, Principal, Dir. of Southern Utah Operations, Mechanical Engineer [+]
Don BradshawP.E., CPD, CIO, Principal, Mechanical Engineer [+]
Barry L. HuletP.E., Principal, Electrical Engineer [+]
Steven T. ShepherdP.E., CFO, LEED AP, Principal, Mechanical Engineer [+]
Neil SpencerP.E., LEED AP, Principal, Mechanical Engineer [+]
Jed LymanP.E., Assistant COO, Associate Principal, Mechanical Engineer [+]
Mike MooneyAssociate Principal, Corporate Treasurer [+]
Brad W. RosenhanP.E., Assistant CFO, Associate Principal, Mechanical Engineer [+]
Ray VernonP.E., LEED-AP, Associate Principal, Dir. of Northern Utah Operations, Mechanical Engineer [+]
Brandon BriggsP.E., LEED AP, Associate, Mechanical Engineer [+]
Lori HaglundAssociate, Marketing Director [+]
Spencer HowellP.E., LEED AP, Associate, Mechanical Engineer [+]
Jim NightingaleP.E., Associate, Mechanical Engineer [+]
Lawrence RemberAssociate, Electrical Designer [+]

“We continue to build our reputation as John Frank and Howard Van Boerum have transitioned out. Our Principals are dedicated to the success of our clients, employees and firm.” – Jeff Watkins – Principal  CIO 

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